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germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects former attorneys d w maybe for my. this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin still walking but wounded. parliament deals a blow to britain's theresa may as she heads to a summit in brussels we go to norway and i ask could a king crab be part of the breaks that solution also coming up the u.s.
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economy is looking good so the federal reserve has raised interest rates for the third time this year will the european central bank show similar confidence in the euro zone. and took on cologne in the bundesliga but the underdogs proved feisty opponents will tell you who won in a match that could have been a stroll in the park but once. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. britain's prime minister theresa may is heading to a summit in brussels today reeling from a parliamentary defeat over brags that she and the other twenty seven e.u. leaders are expected to endorse a first stage deal on the terms of britain's to bourse that was agreed last week but may's defeat at home could undermine her authority and peas in the u.k.
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voted that parliament rather than just may and her cabinet must have the final say on any briggs's agreement before the deadline in march twenty nine teen. this is the moment to reason may's way first said majority was exposed lead the ice to the right three hundred nine the nose to the left three hundred five. eleven of whom m.p.'s rebelled against hearts to demand the british parliament gets a say in the final breaks if. this is the architecture from latest humiliation. this was a time is a time for everybody to stand up and be counted churchill said he's a good party man he puts the party before him self and the country before wiese party and that's what i intend to do. airily are to resume a try to stamp out the rebellion though she may have been better targeting to those
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seated behind her but can i say to the honorable lady that she says that it should be parliament that makes the decision about membership of the single market actually this parliament gave that decision about our membership of the european union to the people i think what this country was it to be your opinion and this government will deliver for the big. three she soon now that you may would rather not have parliament tying hundreds imitates negotiations with the european union contribution but any end to the rebels who are unmarried but that is your way the law is and to reason me was staring at her first major defeat over breaks in the eyes of it the eyes of it a lot weakened she now heads for crunch talks to where else but brussels. of more of the story we're joined by d.w.
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corresponded to get mass who is following the talks in london good morning walk us through yesterday's vote there in london what exactly did the parliament there decide. well this e.u. withdrawal bill is a bill that helps put e.u. law back into u.k. law and what the parliamentarian's have said is that they want to have a say they want to shape the rx and process they are not relying just on the government to do this alone but they had they want to have a final say and a final meaningful vote and they're insisting on it it also says that they're pushing for a so-called softer breck's it they're not accepting what reason may is doing by herself which is a fairly hard directed determined to leave the single market and the european union they're saying that they do want to have a say in their insisting on it ok well what does this mean good poor theresa may as she heads into the next phase a crucial phase of bragg's that talks with the e.u.
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. well the e.u. up they would like to have somebody in london who is a strong partner somebody who can actually act on all they agree minutes that will be hammered out in brussels in the future regarding the future relationship for them it's actually not good to have to resume a as she is which is weakened she has a very thin majority and we're now seeing that her own m.p.'s are prepared to rebel against her very good thank you so much she must there in london so how is all this going down with the correspondent standing by for us in brussels georg is this going to change the strategy where you are in the brig's that talks what has just happened there in london that decision by the e.u. parliament to take
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a bigger role. you terry has observed quite a bit of political infighting here during this press it negotiation process and so no it was put it in a nutshell no it will not change their strategy the strategy all along has been no cherry picking for the u.k. if they want access to the internal market it comes as a but with a price and that prize is whether you're in the e.u. or whether you're outside the e.u. the same for all you have to accept all the four freedoms that that come with it pack and parcel otherwise you can have access to the internal market now there is an e.u. summit taking off there in brussels today it's a two day summit teresa mayes going to be there for the first day now leaders are expected to pave the way at that summit for future relations with the u.k. what can we expect expect that the recommendations of the european commission to move things to face to will be approved but that is where things start to get
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really difficult the e.u. and the u.k. have to find a future relationship a new relationship and for that there is a number of models basically on the table you have of course for instance switzerland which has hammered out a number of unilateral agreements with e.u. member states you have free trade agreements for instance with south korea or lately canada which structured the economic relationship predominantly and then you have the famous no we model now my colleague sick and i travel to us low to take a closer look at exactly that kind of model. but. you don't have to travel around the globe for a solution to the brakes a dilemma that can be found right at europe's stores that. hop on a plane to norway and you're in a country that has rejected your membership twice but you gather with states like iceland or liechtenstein they have negotiated an agreement with the european union that gives them full access to the single market and there you have it the
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norwegian model. but is no way to really be off the shelf solution that britain is looking for. we head out to the countryside to find out what drives this skinny and powerhouse. spine who sells famous no we john king craps and just like the economy as a whole he relies heavily on the european union. more than eighty percent off and always exports are two e.u. member states and one of the key advantages are shared standards. i don't need to stand a long time explaining to my european customers of open meaning because they are looking for exactly the same what i'm presenting if i go somewhere else in the row third floor was the sort of wise there are from some other issues the european market is a very important market for it because their growth and your descent. but there's a price for norway's access to the e.u.
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market which britain might be unwilling to pay for the free movement of labor norway's government however sees it as a huge benefit. actually noways one of the countries having and the largest portion of foreign labor from the countries in the way and we depend upon. the workers and labor force from from other european countries so this is actually important for us and there are other potential perks with its arrangement norway is not part of the customs union that means it can unlike member states strike its own trade deals something that breaks the tears argued is one of the biggest benefits of brics it. but the agreement costs no way a lot of money three hundred ninety one million euro throw to the you each year that is almost as much or had as great britain today only the u.k. gets full membership in return britain in the e.u.
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is turned lead a lawmaker norway is a lot take. a lot taker that receives on average five new e.u. directives per day which must be implemented no questions asked and inside a research only on any given time keeps a folder of all the legal direct us from brussels he called that the e.u. buyable. we have implemented more than ten thousand rules and regulations from. said voter i would like my prime minister mari minister of transport would have to sit in brussels to get with all the others and decide my future we have given it all away that's why britain could never join such an agreement as we have. despite the downsides a large majority of know we love the deal and at least for the transition period after breaks that no way might be the right blueprint for great britain. say to look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world
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today it's been more than eighty days now since germany held its elections and there's still no clear path for a future government chance i'm going to met social democrat leader martin schultz first strange talks of rebuilding a ruling coalition his party will decide on friday about whether to move to the next stage of discussions. doctors without borders says at least six thousand seven hundred or a hinge of muslims were killed in the first month of an army crackdown on rebels in myanmar that began in august a group calls that number a conservative estimate and says at least seven hundred thirty children under the age of five were among the dead. and at least seven people have been killed by a suicide bomber who blew himself up inside a police academy in somalia's capital mogadishu officials said the attacker was wearing a police uniform the militant islamist group al shabaab has claimed responsibility . you're watching d.w.
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news still to come no one but putin can rule our country and move on with here we can't go on with this leadership that is going to we ask russians what they think of their president and after a lot of new putin announced he would stand again in next year's election. where the cost of burra weighing is on its way up at least in the u.s. helena's will certainly in the united states terry potentially in europe as well will get a clearer picture later today when the european central bank holds its meeting but most experts are saying don't expect any fireworks so big announcements yet but in the united states the fed pushed the benchmark rate to between one point two five a one point five percent is the third rise in interest rates this year moves being seen as a vote of confidence that the country's economy is on solid footing with an eight years on from the global financial crisis in light of the global recession the fed had held rates at near zero it started to raise those rates again for the first
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time in twenty fifteen and since then they've been very gentle lifts to ease the economy back into its rates driven monetary policy the central bank said it expects the job market and the economy to strengthen the further predicts three more rate rises next year. well here in europe monetary policy has been moving at a slower pace you might be asking why the europeans haven't implemented similar monetary policy to united states will one of the main reasons is that their respective central bank structures adjust to different so the e.c.b. is a european union institution in which the eurozone member countries have voting rights the u.s. federal reserve on the other hand is regulated by us no but it's actually opened by private banks now the fed structure is very hard to fathom minutes governess and chairperson are actually chosen by the country's president prime objective is to maintain price stability so it's trying to keep inflation close to or. actually
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below two percent now the fed doesn't have that obligation its job is to prevent financial crisis but it does also want to hold inflation at around that level of two percent now the e.c.b. doesn't take the job market into account when it makes policy but the fed always employment data very closely because it's supposed to ensure full employment which it defines as no more than six percent of employers will americans without a job well our financial correspondent daniel coupes at the frankfurt stock exchange for us today dan you have the investors got their own hopes pinned on any eurozone rate rises any time soon there. well hope dies last had and i guess that's what investors here are always saying but you know pretty much we have again the same scenario whenever we have this e.c.b. meeting the days before investors and traders are little bit has then they don't
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really want to do big investment at the end they're pretty much know what is going to happen now we here in the united states there are going to be possible three new rate hikes next year we're not going to see the same here in the euro zone that's pretty much for sure interesting though it's going to be what mario draghi is going to say how in general he sees here in the europe the economy because we have to remember we are close to the true percent inflation target off off the e.c.b. and during the last e.c.b. meeting he was announcing that he will cut down the bond purchasing program from sixty billion euros a month to just thirty billion euros a month starting now in general but at the same time it was extended until fall two thousand and eighteen so this is going to be interesting if there are going to be any kind of news about this one purchasing program but high interest rates we won't see right well that period of ultra loose monetary policy has been expensive at
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some point it has got to wrap up has it done its job well yeah it has done his job during the financial crisis that's for sure but now in general europe is in a very good economical situation that's why many experts have been calling and crying pretty much for a long time for again high interest rates and for a cut off this bond purchasing program that experts don't think that this is going to happen in two thousand and eighteen maybe in two thousand and nineteen that's when my you drag you most likely is going to retire and this might be his last job pretty much on the job done your quote in frankfurt thanks for that. the austrian and i nicky is insolvent and flights will cease today it's a subsidiary of the bankrupt german carry aben and it was set to be sold off to the times but the general line has withdrawn its bid off to new competition authorities cited cartel concerns around one thousand employees are expected to lose their jobs
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and thousands of passengers might find themselves stranded meanwhile eben's bankruptcy administrate is trying to find a new buy finnicky but so far no one else has come forward to operate a thomas cook and british airways oh no i agee you have previously both shown interest. meanwhile one part of the business has already been sold off its freight division has gone to the family only just six company is the site that means at least sixty five people will be able to keep their jobs in the business offering expressed in every buy at. this is the site of the berlin based transport company sites where trucks come to pick up containers but delays on the roads have prompted the company to consider new delivery options. of traffic jams and construction sites on the highways make it harder to maintain the flow of goods national is specially express deliveries. that got us thinking that
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there could be a market for transporting exist fresh events to customers by air. and . with this in mind sight fast purchased several planes from a mid-sized carrier it also acquired the freight division that belonged to insolvent abilene saving sixty five jobs site fast will benefit from the workers experience exploiting unused space in lucky childs to carry express shipments c.e.o. . believes traveling by air as well as on the road will help him speed up deliveries with. up until now you have to get the cargo to the transporter by evening time for delivery the following morning or afternoon. that's because the cargo was transported by trucks overnight which will come in the future we'll be able to deliver some express packages on the same day our. park.
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he's also keeping a keen eye on discount airlines such as ryanair euro wings and easy jet high baggage costs mean there's often space left in their cargo holds but if that fails he can always use his own aircraft. well the russian presidential election is not that far away and in moscow today a closely watched presidential press conference rather first wrote hello near the election could be coming up next more. many are saying more could be the. time russia's president vladimir putin is already of course looking towards that date he's due to hold his annual press conference shortly it's always eagerly anticipated because he usually answers questions from hundreds of journalists on a wide variety of issues well this year it comes just a week after putin announced that he would stand in those presidential elections next year that came as no surprise of course our moscow correspondent asked
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russians for their view of the president. russia is a torn country some people are focusing on security others on progress we wanted to know what people thought of being ruled de facto by one man for eighteen years. democracy what democracy when you we know he's incapable of reflection and out of touch with reality. and with no one but putin can rule our country. we can't go on with this leadership. we're dealing with something that's long since been corrupted by power. but worse through that's our life our country and this is sort of look i don't care who's in power as long as it's not the worst this leadership no longer wants to save the country just to protect itself from the list . on one hand things have gotten easier
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a lot of people are getting that chance but small business owners like me only face resistance from the government let me just let me just through. the main things are peace and stability please no protests he just has to billet he is out of the question families have less and less in their pockets. you know because this is you know this is the mother of a child i spend almost all my income on food only for the police to revolutions. this woman when someone tells you all day long that everything is sweet sooner or later you start believing that even salt tastes like sugar if you. were to would we have more freedom of opinion in russia than elsewhere in the world the west can only dream of it with all the people with whom. you have to constantly be careful about who you talk to and what you say it can all be used against you.
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in the price you pay for freedom. opinion in russia has gone way up i hope we have to limit that freedom of russia's syrian policy is put in power politics calculus nothing more. russian defended its interests in syria if we hadn't done that we'd have the same problems here movement. put in needs a landslide victory. for the attacks prevented. thank god we have a few a bomb attacks than before. these refugees would have come to us. but i still don't feel safe and. i'm not expecting anything good. so we need to zorra again monarchy in orthodox country. nothing will change with our government over the next six years. which is getting good.
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but it's like a soccer now the leaders by munich were looking forward to the prospect of winless cologne coming to town last night but the basement side put up more of a fight than even their own fans might have thought possible it was stephan wooden back in arm in phase first game in charge as coach and sporting director and they faced an uphill battle against biron some of the home fans thought they might even be in for a high scoring blockbuster. and by and put their guests under pressure from the get go only t.-mo horn could keep thomas miller at bay. but cologne finally broke on the counter. attempt blocked by davida alabama was understandably peeved it should have been a corner. halftime frustration for biron relief for a wooden back and cologne. but it was the billy goats who started on the offensive
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and could have taken the lead had lucas quittner not lost his cool. by and were more clinical in front of goal and robert levin dusky opened the scoring in the sixty eighth minute with his fifteenth goal in fifteen starts. biron kept knocking on colognes door but they were lacking the urgency to put the result beyond doubt. and when they did find a target horn was there to keep the ball out. one nil the final score in munich a narrow defeat for the billy goats they impressed but not enough. meanwhile over and doesn't kick in shockoe went into their match against augsburg
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looking for a victory which would push them into second in the table but. are no fools these days let's see how that panned out. for the felton cereno was rocking is shaka hosted their last bundesliga game of twenty seven tane an early christmas present of second place was on offer shaka should have taken an early lead after good work from. butts western mckenney couldn't produce the finish. the youngster just inches away from a maiden bundesliga goal. shall cause dominance eventual paid off though i mean how it's fancy footwork found frank de santo. the continuance showing off his own smooth moves. and with good reason it was a classy finish. a short break
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and then shall go back at it in the forty seventh minute bergdahl reacted quickest to no doz header. sunil to the home side. but after a defensive showing auk's book woke up. you be rising high for his fourth goal of the season two one. and book one a penalty ten minutes from time. corage stepping up. to two. but shocker want to be denied her it during a fellow from marvin hits. daniel caligiuri doing the rest i. three to the final score shell can now guarantee to go into the winter break with their best points tally in six a zens. so let's take
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a look at the standings now by and munich are nine points clear with one match to go before the winter break shot because then hoffenheim are the big winners of the match day sixteen dortmund have slipped down to sixth and further down the bottom half looking beyond cologne who seem doomed none of the teams here can really feel safe just yet. and before we go just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news britain's theresa may is heading to a summit in brussels reeling from the feet in a key vote at home u.k. parliament says it will have the final say over any future break that deal not just may and her cabinet. and all eyes are on the european central bank and its president mario draghi today as they decide whether to raise interest rates or not the u.s. federal reserve is so will the e.c.b. have similar confidence in the euro zone's economy. and watching the news coming to
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you from berlin we have more at the top of next hour course or stories online at complex want to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful two months ago most famous investigative journalist. was assassinated in a compliment for you she taught. my first by stating i was
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a sewing machine. for all women are balanced by this motion towards something as simple as money home to write a bicycle is and. since i was a little guy i wanted. my home and it took me as the months might have. finally been. like this and three times. sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos age for girls than writing advice as no i want to meet those women back home who are down to my head thinking and social who owns and inform them of oded basic rights my name is the amount of people and they were eating. just two months ago motos most famous investigative journalist daphne caro on the
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was assassinated in a car bombing she had no shortage of enemies for years she targeted top politicians and business leaders most recently those named in the so-called panama papers my guest here in valetta.

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